Opuszczony, luksusowy hotel w Japonii

Opuszczony luksusowy hotel

Hachijo Royal Resort znajduje się na japońskiej, wulkanicznej wyspie Hachijojima. W momencie jego otwarcia, w 1963 roku był to jeden z największych i najbardziej luksusowych hoteli w Japonii i przyciągał klientów z całego świata. Jednak boom turystyki dobiegł końca i hotel nie był w stanie przyciągnąć nowych gości. Został zamknięty w 2006 roku, dopiero 11- lat później możemy zwiedzić jego opuszczone wnętrza.


The former Hachijo Royal Resort on the remote volcanic Japanese island of Hachijojima is now aadding and chandeliers still intact 

Wasteland: The clocks have long stopped ticking at the hotel and many of the rooms are now filled with piles of litter 

Fit for nightmares! Bedrooms - once polished to perfection - now appear with soiled bedsheets and peeling wallpaper, while crawling plant life erupts through the floorboards

Anyone for a game? A pool table lays redundant with no balls or cues to be seen 


Dated technology: Backroom offices look like workers have just 'disappeared' with stacks of papers and computers untouched from the day they were left


Up for grabs: It appears that everything in the building was left behind, including computers and printers

Fancy a dip? One of the hotel bathrooms appears to be pretty clean, with unstained tiles and a spotless bathmat 

Storage closet: The hotel is like a time capsule, with vacuum cleaners and other pieces of equipment left untouched 

Luxury appeal: The getaway attracted high-paying guests with its ritzy interiors complete with red carpeting, crystal chandeliers and lashings of marble

A child's playroom looks like a group of children have just vanished, with dozens of toys on the floor seemingly abandoned mid-play

Time to chill: A television room appears to be in good condition with clean furnishings and TV set ready to roll 

Ring, ring: A telephone box stands in the corner of one of the rooms, making for a bizarre design detail 

Cleaning chaos: Washing machines have tumbled over in the laundry room after years of neglect 

Treasure chest: The dormant hotel is stacked full of furniture and interesting artifacts 

No swimming allowed: A shallow plunge pool is completely drained with lichen growing on the tiled lining 

Grand entrance: A pillared portico leads out into overgrown gardens - the white exterior has tarnished over the years

Bottoms up! The bar, previously a hive of activity, now stands eerily empty with the fridges calling to be restocked
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