Od Melbourne po Nowy Jork, najlepszy street art na świecie


Od słynnych wzorów Banksy do żywej mozaiki Invadera artyści uliczni od dziesięcioleci rozświetlają przestrzeń miejską na całym świecie. Różne style i wpływy wyrastają na całym świecie w tym w Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Nowym Jorku, Melbourne, Reykjaviku. Utworzona przez założyciela inicjatywy artystycznej „The Future Tense”, Eda Bartletta  książka pod tytułem „Street Art (Lonely Planet)”, pozwala czytelnikom zaplanować własną podróż po najsłynniejszych miejscach ulicznych artystów.


This striking image of a young child looking to the sky makes a statement on Saxon Street in Brunswick, Melbourne. The piece by street artist Adnate is one of many stunning works across the city. Although graffiti is illegal in the cultural hub, many locals respond favourably to the works, according to a new book by Lonely Planet on Street Art across the world

Another Australian city with a vibrant street art scene is Adelaide. Above, this work by Fin DAC can be found on Little Rundle Street in Kent Town


A black and white figure made of an intricately designed cityscape by artist Phelgm curls up on the walls of a building on Yonge Street and St Clair Avenue in Toronto

Inventively making use of the building's original features, a young boy climbs a ladder in between a pair of windows in this work by Seth on Viale Tor Marancia in Rome

Haunting: This light portrait style artwork looks like it's a scene from a black-and-white film. The piece is by Guido van Helten and can be found in Reykjavik

Cute: A girl hugs her knees in this black, white and red mural by Guido van Helten on San Andres de la Canada in Mexico City

Distinctive: Popular French street artist Invader has tagged this wall on West 14th Street in New York City
This surreal and thought-provoking work by AEC Interesni Kazki/Alekseri Bordusov can be found on Fox Street in Johannesburg. The city has been home to art with 'political messages at heart' since the apartheid reforms of the 80s, according to Lonely Planet

A young girl sits in an upturned rainbow-coloured umbrella watching fish and birds in this whimsical piece by Seth on Rue Emile Deslandres in Paris

A man peers from the edge of this building in this arresting work by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, which can be found in Carrer de la Selva de Mar in Barcelona


 Sense of movement: A cowboy sits atop a wild horse in this piece by Telmo Miel in Caffarena, 110 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Using the iconic geometric mosaic style of computer games, Invader has tagged this wall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The book also outlines where to see Brazilian artists such as Nunca and Cranio Nina 
Cleverly continuing the car park scene into the sky and adding a supernatural element, M-City has created a powerful monochrome work in Kadikoy, Istanbul
London's Shoreditch is home to many stunning pieces including ones based on colourful iconography. Above, this piece by Eine appeared on Ebor Street

Los Angeles is home to street art inspired by calligraphic 'chollo style' according to the book. This visually-striking pair by Cyrcle can be found at the Robert F Kennedy School

San Francisco has a rich street art scene which began over 85 years ago with famous artists such as Frida Kahlo painting a mural in 1930 that can be found at SFMOMA. This work, above, by Aryz appears on Eddy Street in San Francisco

Forced to rebuild and regenerate the city after an earthquake in 2011, much street art can be found in Christchurch, New Zealand. This image is of seagulls by Anthony Lister over the parking side of Les Mills on Cashel Street

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