2 miliony zdjęć w 8 lat jak to jest być fotografem Baracka Obamy?


Pete Souza, amerykański fotoreporter, który od początku prezydentury Baracka Obamy pełni funkcję dyrektora Biura Fotografii Białego Domu i jest zarazem osobistym fotografem prezydenta. Zapraszamy do obejrzenia jego najciekawszych fotografii.





Barack Obama And Ella Rhodes, Daughter Of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes


Barack Obama Crawling With Ella Rhodes


President Barack Obama Eats A Peach Following A Town Hall Meeting At Kroger's Supermarket


President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama


President Barack Obama Jokingly Puts His Toe On The Scale As Trip Director Marvin Nicholson Weighs Himself


President Barack Obama Holds 3-D Glasses While Watching The Super Bowl Game At A Super Bowl Party


The President Tosses Around The Ball Before A Meeting In The Oval Office


Skeptical Infants Peer At The POTUS Through A Window


The President Shows His Fun Side, Playing The Villain To A Three-Year-Old Spider-Man


On A Cold Day, The President Races Down The Colonnade With Denis McDonough's Children


President Barack Obama Fist-Bumps Custodian Lawrence Lipscomb


Playing With Bo


A Young Boy Reaches Up To Compare The President's Hair To His Own


Two Presidents Waiting Near Locked Door


President Barack Obama Runs Around His Desk In The Oval Office With Sarah Froman, Daughter Of Nancy Goodman And Mike Froman, Deputy National Security Advisor For International Economics


The President And Members Of The White House Staff Look Out The Window Of Air Force One To View Tornado Damage Over Moore, Oklahoma


President Barack Obama Shares A Pizza Dinner With Individuals Who Wrote Letters To Him, At The Wazee Supper Club In Denver, Colo


President Obama Delivers A Colorful Farewell As He Leaves Jamaica


President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Share A Private Moment


President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Dance At The Governors Ball

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